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Innovative Ecological Agriculture 


Exclusive Patented Pyramid-greenhouse



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Agripyramid Co.,Ltd. was established in January 2013, and dedicated to provide you the most advanced technology and attentive service through our exclusive new patented pyramid-greenhouse system, which includes designing ecological leisure farm, planning visual landscape, improving soil through microbial strains, using non-toxic safe agricultural methods to manage plants nutrition, and making technology training. In addition, we also offer cross-border services to develop business-strategy, includes creative marketing and innovative business models.


Chinese patent application number : 201220147123 ,  201420336851

Taiwan patent application number : TWM506456 (U)

Innovative Agricultural 


Pyramid-greenhouse Structure


The connotation of innovative agriculture is through imaginative approach to transform science and technology, culture, intellectual property, human creativity, and other resources into applicable components in production for agriculture implementation, improving industrial added value, thereby creating maximizing revenue. 


The new patented pyramid-greenhouse innovative structure is the binding of agriculture and the pyramid’s legendary power, the physical effects of excellent ventilation, insulation, preservation and other related functions, in which plants can grow naturally in size and success.



Future Agriculture  


Urban Agriculture


The advantages from the structure of pyramid-greenhouse will combine innovative agricultural business model, creating an unbelievable high economic value. For example, the pyramid-greenhouse agricultural project has the potential to develop into an internationally popular and stylish new leisure-ecological-agriculture trend. Its special landscape architecture, power physical therapy, and non-toxic farming methods, and other benefits can create the most comprehensive, approaches, convenient modern new green-energy lifestyle; transforming any modern city or traditional township.





Solar Farms


Pyramid-greenhouse is designed to use steel structural frame that is originally designed to utilize polyethylene (PE) panels as the building envelope, but it may also be combined with advanced solar panels. Through the use of photovoltaic solar panels as the building envelope, the pyramid greenhouses can be easily transformed into advanced solar farms. 


This innovative project is a combination of agriculture, science, and technology, a game-changer in food and energy shortage crisis that the world is facing. It is also the leading the industry onto the right track against controversial methods that devastate our natural environment while solving the rising issue regarding human misery and survival. 


As compared with traditional greenhouses and sheds, the pyramid-greenhouse brings unparalleled benefits, such as higher capacity of agriculture harvests by several folds, integration of modern electronics and information technology systems, photovoltaic technology, agricultural technology, or a combination of the above, making it the world's most advanced new agricultural facility.

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Our missions


Creatively, we will combine agriculture with science and technology, and use the power of nature to give back to the environment to restore vitality of life, create infinite economic value, and bring happiness to humankind.

Specific practice

First, developing the pyramid greenhouse system (PGS) to achieve a comprehensive disaster advois design and keep away the farmers' disaster losses, so that farmers can overcome the scourge of natural disasters.

Second, the pyramid greenhouse system  (PGS) to help farmers adhere to the organic natural farming methods, with the natural universe power pooling by the pyramid structure, to achieve stable production of quality and quantity, to change farmers habits of extensive using chemical fertilizers and farm chemicals, to thoroughly improve the problems of environmental pollution, land acidification, and pesticide residues.

Third, the pyramid greenhouse system (PGS) , the integration of smart agriculture, environmental control agriculture, agricultural data analysis, Internet commerce and other technology, building the world's most unique young farmers' entrepreneurial angel platform to provide comprehensive and innovative services.

Fourthly, combining the Pyramid greenhouse system  (PGS) with science and technology to overcome the problems of water resources and energy shortaget to achieve economical and highly efficient production.

Fifthly, taking the 360-degree comprehensive light-harvesting characteristic unique of the pyramid greenhouse structure, combining the using of vertical farming practices, to increase land use efficiency, and overcome the global food crisis of population increasing, land reduction, and food shortage.


Our Products And Services


1. Intelligent Photoelectric Pyramid Greenhouse System Engineering.

2. Tourism and Leisure Farm Design and Plannings.

3. Agricultural Technical Consultant.

4. Agricultural E-commerce Platform.

5. Agricultural Products in Brand of Agripyramid.

A Little Story : 


Joseph's Granaries And The Pyramids Of Egypt




The Famine Stele ("Hungry Rock") is an inscription located on Sehel Island in Egypt, which speaks of a seven year period of drought and famine. The Famine Stele is proof that Netjeriket and Djoser were the same person. The Famine Stele also shows that Djoser owned the land and had the right to give land to the priests. The Famine Stele also gives an account of a seven year famine in which Imhotep is credited with saving Egypt by interpreting the Pharaoh's dream. Along with the discovery of many gain silos in the Djoser complex, the Famine Stele is powerful proof that Joseph and Imhotep were the same person.


The famine on the stele is described as follows:


“ I was in mourning on my throne, Those of the palace were in grief, my heart was in great affliction. Because Hapy [the river god] had failed to come in time in a period of seven years. Grain was scant, Kernels were dried up, kernels were dried up, scarce was every kind of food. Every man robbed his twin, those who entered did not go. Children cried, youngsters fell, the hearts of the old were grieving; legs drawn up, they hugged the ground, their arms clasped about them. Courtiers were needy, temples were shut, shrines covered with dust, everyone was in distress.”




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